3 Day Diet - Day 1

Finished the first day and it was really easy. I didn't feel hungry between meals and had lots of energy; that's a good sign that I was eating the right amount and kinds of foods. You shouldn't feel too hungry, if you do, you need to adjust your meal plan. 

I did find that an hour before dinner I felt like snacking on something but that's more from habit than hunger. I usually have a cup of broth when I need to push through a craving, today I just made some tea. Have something planned for when your cravings hit, because they will.

Remember that you are the sum of your habits and the only way to change is to break the old and replace with new. You are in charge of what you eat and every time you don't give in to a craving you make yourself a little stronger. Before you know it the power starts to shift in your favor. 

Hopefully the scale shifts too!



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