I should have posted this 2 months ago but like many I was trying to maneuver my way through this unprecedented time. 

So let me start with food protocol; I am super lucky to work in my own space and not have to worry about contamination from other sources. I have always had strict sanitation policy and still do. The changes have been to the cargo/transport. All shipments are made with protective gear, gloves, masks and sanitizer. I have lots of confidence in our food supply. We are all working diligently to keep everyone and ourselves safe. As a food handler keeping myself and my food chain safe is paramount.

Next; on to Weight Loss and Self Care -  are you trying to lose weight, if you are I feel your pain it's not easy but it is doable.

The social media meme is the quarantine 15, the evening cocktails that start at lunch and the Netflix binge day.....that turns into a whole weekend.

Funny as it seems at the time, this is not the time to fall into any of these habits. Now is the time for self-care, extreme self-care - take it seriously!

Although the medical community doesn't fully understand the mechanisms of this virus it seems clear that obesity and diabetes are hard hit. Your chances of being severely sick and worse hospitalized are much greater if you have metabolic syndrome.

So kick the sugar habit and take control of your health, you can do this!

I fell into a terrible habit last year of working too much and not taking care of myself and found myself 15 pounds heavier! Once the quarantine hit and this virus was invading our society I felt really compelled to get my weight and my health in check. 

I am proud to say I am down 9 lbs since this all started and I am taking control of things in my life that I have control over; my health and well being. Mother Nature seems to be the one at the helm right now, but we still can control our own actions and habits...and thoughts.

So, what am I doing - keto of course! But I am also calorie counting. This may not be necessary at every stage of life but as a middle aged women I find that I do have to limit my calories, regardless of the macros.

The benefit of doing low carb while you are counting calories is that you don't feel as hungry, and half the battle of losing weight is controlling your appetite.

I find eating 3 meals and no snacking works best for me. I limit my calories to about 1300 per day and my carbs under 40 grams, usually around 30 grams. I also limit the amount of sweet keto treats that I eat. Normally a muffin or low carb bread doesn't cause cravings for me but the super yummy keto chocolate chocolate bars do, so for now I avoid them.  

You don't have to eat 3 meals a day you can limit to 1 or 2 but make sure you are eating enough calories. 

I would love to hear what your are doing to improve your health right now so make sure to comment or leave a message.

We are all in this together and we will get through this together it will just require a little faith and a lot of Love.






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