Date Night Dinners

Ladies you don’t need to go it alone on your low carb diet, your guy will love eating like this. Here is one of our date night approved recipes that you can prepare together and it’s done in less than an hour.


2 boneless chicken breasts
4 T cream cheese
1 – 2 T chopped green onion
1 T dried ranch dressing
4 pieces partially cooked bacon slices


-Pound out Chicken breast so it is about 1/4" thick.
-Mix together cream cheese and green onion & ranch dressing and spread cheese mixture over 1 side of  chicken breast.
-Roll Chicken breast up to conceal cream cheese.
-Wrap partially cooked bacon around chicken breast and secure with toothpick.
-Place on baking sheet and back for about 30 minutes at 375.
-Broil for about 2.5 minutes then flip and brown the other side.

** The secret to bacon wrapped chicken is to use partially cooked bacon. Pre-cook in microwave for 1.5 to 2 minutes before wrapping.

Serve with a spinach salad..

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