How To Bake The Perfect Cheesy Bun in the Not so Perfect Oven

I want you to have a really nice end product even if you don't have the best cookware or top- of-the-line oven.  Here are some tips to make sure your cheesy buns turn out perfect even if your oven is not so perfect.

I'm use to baking in a commercial oven and my cheese buns come out uniform every-time - good form, height, colour and texture. It's a thing of beauty. On the other hand, when I bake in my home oven they come out looking like the ugly step-sister buns if I don't make adjustments.

A few things that can go wrong during baking. Your oven doesn't hold the temperature well and you notice the red light comes on quite a bit. This is a problem for older ovens as the bottom half of the oven will get hotter as the oven regulates the temperature and can lead to over browning on the bottom of the bun.  Almond flour tends to brown too fast anyhow so this will make it worse. 

What you need to do is preheat your oven to 375, then when you put your buns in the oven you turn it back down to 350. This really helps. The extra initial heat will also help the rise.

You can also double pan your baking sheet and remember to line with parchment. I have an old insulated cookie pan that I put on the bottom rack to block some of the direct heat, this keeps my buns from over browning on the bottom. 

1. Empty the mix into a stand up mixer, no need to sift it has been pre-sifted, just use a whisk to break it up. Mix 2 eggs well with a fork and set aside. Melt .33 cup of butter, and get 1 cup of water ready. 

2. Make a well in the mix and pour the butter and eggs in. Turn the blender to low, and start slowly pouring the water in while the blender is still on low (use all the water). The dough will start to come together, it will seem quite runny at first, but the liquid is necessary to help with the rise.

You don't have to worry about over mixing. Turn your blender on to high for a minute, the dough will start to thicken. Stop and scrape down bowl and then continue to mix on high for another minute. Stir the dough a few times with your spatula. The dough still feels light but the water should be well absorbed. Let it sit for a few minutes, now you are ready to scoop. 

If you want you can fold in .5 cup of grated cheese and some spices now, .5 cup will add nice structure without changing your macros too much.

Pack the dough well into the scoop, level off with a knife and drop onto your lined pan. 


Take a little time and smooth out the tops use up any extra dough to fill in any small cracks. The smoother the tops the nicer your finished product will look.  Don't flatten the rounds.

Have your oven preheated to 375 or 325 for a convection.  Your bake time is going to range from 18 - 21 minutes depending on your oven. My batch in my home oven will bake in 19 minutes on the middle rack  (that is preheated to 375 and turned down to 350) with an extra cookie sheet on the bottom rack.

You want your cheese buns to have a nice golden brown, the bottom of the bun should have a similar colour to the top.  If you under cook you buns they will end up being too flat. "I want flat buns" said no one ever!

The above buns were cooked in my home oven. The picture below is from the commercial oven. The ones from the commercial oven have a more consistent browning but overall the home oven product was good.




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