National Diabetes Day

Tomorrow is National Diabetes Day – The reason I started Sugar Free Kitchen was to help combat diabetes…both people with it and people that were heading in that direction.

I come from a long line of diabetics.  We love good food and we have the predisposition to overeat, become addicted and it just goes downhill from there. We are not all created equal. There are some of us who really can’t have one…or find that moderation is for people with will power (not true either). This doesn’t mean you are weak or doomed to a life of being obsessed with food, being fat and tired and one day away from medication.  It really just means that your heritage ate a different kind of diet. That you were not meant to survive on a modern diet of grains, sugar and processed fat.

Your ancestors probably sustained on a diet of fish, meat and vegetables. My ancestry is Northern Scandinavian. We probably did not evolve on sweet fruits like pineapple and definitely not on Snickers Bars (my fave).

We live in a world of processed food and sugar and if you don’t partake in the sugar festivities you may feel judged and left out.  You really have to own your decision to change your diet and take control of your health – and do it with pride and no explanations needed. It's your choice!

The cheese bread can be a lifesaver when you just want to dip a piece of bread into your soup. The chocolate cake can help you get through the birthday and celebrations at work and holidays.  These foods are treats I don’t expect or want you to eat these at every meal…that doesn’t help my sales, I know– but that is the reason these products were developed, to help you though the difficult times and to be a side dish to your main course.

Besides, even thought my baking tastes great it doesn’t hit the reward system the same way, so you will never feel the need to really overeat….Well maybe one more than you should have but not the whole batch or cake, not enough to ever feel guilty.

Here's to wiping out Diabetes and most importantly here's to wiping out Guilt. 


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