New Year's Resolutions? Change Your Mindset First

With the New Year approaching I know that many of you are thinking about what you want to accomplish; writing out your goals and resolutions. Whatever your dream, however large or small you need to prepare yourself for the change. Change comes with a price it upsets equilibrium and causes conflict.

It’s been almost exactly a year since I brought out the first Sugar Free Kitchen Mix “Say Cheesy Buns”.  Looking back I didn’t spend enough time preparing for the life altering change that taking on such a venture would bring to me both emotionally and physically.

I had all the motivation, the idea, the drive and for the most part I had people in my life that supported my vision.  But, I didn’t mentally prepare for the change and that mistake caused me the most grief!

So, I am going to pass on my lessons and share how I shifted my focus to better prepare myself to adapt more quickly to change.  

Let’s start with positive thinking – You’ll be disappointed if you think that you can just maintain a positive mindset, forge ahead and all will be well.  Instead it is better to be prepared for the bad crap to happen and for plans to go south - your job is to maintain the positive belief that you can work though it and that you can find a way to course correct.  Mindset 1.  Persistence -  It is not always going to be easy but you can and will find a way to make it happen.

Lack of Planning – The more prepared you are the more likely you are to reach your goal within your set time frame.  Mindset 2.  – Preparation. The future belongs to those who prepare today.

Judgement. Change doesn’t just affect you it affects those around you and quite often they don’t like it or understand it.  I keep a quote from Brene Brown close by  “If you aren’t in the arena getting your ass kicked with me then I’m not interested in your feedback”.  By the way I just think it, I don’t say it!  Mindset 3.  Power – No one is you and that is your power.

Self Doubt.  Bad days happen there is nothing wrong with you! This is a big one – along with change comes turmoil. Every little gremlin that has lied dormant in you will come alive now.  If it’s a really big goal the gremlins will be having a family reunion.  There is nothing wrong with you, change is hard period.  When those feelings happen it’s just proof that change is happening.  Mindset 4.  Faith - You are enough.

These days I spend more time working on my emotions with positive self talk, I catch negative self chatter before those thoughts have a chance to spiral and I try not to get caught up in other people’s negative talk.  I spend a lot more time organizing my work space and my time, I celebrate every little win and most importantly at the end of everyday I give thanks for all that I have.

Change is uncomfortable, it's not impossible. 

You Got This!

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