Thyroid and Low Carb Diets

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over 10 years ago. When I was first diagnosed my TSH level was at 6; the normal range is said to be within .32 – 5. According to my doctor I was only borderline hypothyroid and didn’t require treatment, although my symptoms were really severe and included terrible insomnia, headaches and anxiety.  Not realizing I had more control than I was told I didn’t make the right changes and finally did end up on medication.  My diet at the time of diagnosis was largely vegetarian, not necessarily a healthy vegetarian diet either, I ate a very high carb, mainly grain based diet and used a lot of processed soy products.  Other than the processed soy my diet was very low in protein.  Not to say you can’t be a healthy vegetarian, I personally know a few,  just that it wasn't healthy for me.

Now I believe that if you catch your low thyroid symptoms early enough you can make lifestyle changes, add the right supplements and improve your function. You just have to find the right natural practitioner to help you.

Changes in diet can affect your hormone levels and definitely did in my case. Cutting out wheat made a big improvement in my overall health and I had to reduce my medication.  Over the last year I made even more changes to my diet by adding in more protein and cutting out starchy carbs.  

I just got my new labs back and my TSH levels are too low again meaning I have to reduce my medication again…which is a relief to hear because some of my symptoms like insomnia had become much worse over the last 3 to 4 months.  It's easy to pass these types of symptoms off as stress instead of taking the time to go check your blood work.

The point of the story is - if you are making changes to your diet keep a close watch on your thyroid hormone levels.  Don’t assume that your dose won’t change…maybe it won’t but don’t assume.  What you eat has a huge impact on how you work internally.

There's a lot of talk over the internet that low carb diets can harm your thyroid, for me it has been the opposite, I have improved function. 

Out of control hormones can really cause problems in your life and counter act the positive changes you are making. So do make the positive changes but pay close attention to what your body is telling you.


  • Mindy Cochenet

    Hi This is Mindy Cochenet. I am Deaf . I have hoypothyroid . I m still have problem gain weight and I m struggled to try lose weight. So I decided to join diet low carb thyroid . I hope it will work for me . So can show me what have all different foods and fruits. Also I have to cut low sugar and low sodium . Hope it is good show for health foods.

    Thank you,
    Mindy Cochenet

  • Hayley Parrett

    I’m so glad low carb worked for you! I have hypothyroidism too and unfortunately eating low carb caused me more thyroid troubles. I’ve stopped the low-carb eating because I’ve had to triple my synthroid dose in the last 2 months :(

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