Welcome to My Sugar Free Kitchen

We are so excited to bring to you our new low carb, sugar free mixes. We use a natural non GMO Erythritol & Stevia blend. Here is a little info about Erythritol since we get a lot of questions about it: 

Erythritol is a very, almost zero, low calorie sweetener. It has a bout .06 percent the calories of sugar.  Studies have shown that when healthy people are given Erythritol there is no change in blood sugar or insulin levels. So it's a great sugar alternative for diabetics.

Erythritol is absorbed differently than the other sugar alcohols and doesn't end up causing the same amount of digestive problems as other sugar alcohols like sorbitol, malitol and xylitol. 

Personally, I am very sensitive to sugar alcohols but Erythritol has never caused any digestive upset here and that's why we use it! You will find a little bit of Xylitol in the Chocolate Cake mix, this is only to bump up the sweetness level to compensate for the bitter cocoa. Commercial producing bakeries are limited to the amount of sweetener we can add -  the small amount of Xylitol gives the mix just the perfect amount of sweetness level and fits into all the regulations, plus it is not enough to cause digestive problems for sensitive eaters like me.

We love Monk Fruit too, but unfortunately it's not allowed in commercial baking at this point in time, but you will find it in some of our recipes because it is such a great sugar alternative and has a wonderful taste. 



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