3 Rule Diet

The aim of this diet is to provide 3 days of self-mastery.  By clearly defining your plan ahead and having zero tolerance for deviation you are building your mental strength. Planning helps you to avoid decision fatigue allowing you to focus on other areas of your life.

 Weight loss is difficult! It really requires a strong constitution and you can build that 3 days at a time.


  • Have a set plan before you begin.
  • Only eat what is on your meal plan
  • Follow for 3 days.

 The example meal plan below is the one I use for myself.  I find eating only 3 meals a day has a profound, positive impact on my weight and health.

 The calories are aprox. 1100 per day with room for cream in my coffees, ending up around 1200 per day. I choose foods that are simple and low carb.  I also avoid including anything too sweet (that's my trigger) except for some sugar free jello for dessert. Feel free to add extra veggies or green salad.
Break for 2 - 3 days adding 100 - 200 calories per day. Repeat.


  •  Plan to start when you have limited social activities.
  •  Drink lots of plain water and  1 or 2 cups of salty broth if you are eating low carb.
  • Don't spend too much time in the kitchen.
  • Write out a motivational mantra that you can memorize and repeat to yourself throughout the day.
  • Don't slip up but if you do just observe what happened and keep going.
  • When you start thinking negative thoughts contrary to your goals - thoughts like "this is too restrictive" or "This isn't real life eating" or "it's just a little bite" quickly flip to your mantra and repeat it to yourself until it over takes the negative thoughts. It's only 3 days!
  • Set a goal and have fun trying to achieve it.
  • You should feel good physically. You may feel slightly uncomfortable emotionally, change does that.  Read a good book or go for a walk it will pass.