The Concept

The idea to start developing sugar free products started when I couldn’t find any baked goods without all the conventional high sugar ingredients, to fit into my low carb lifestyle. 

The Product

We are proud of using only products that we feel are safe and healthy. The ingredients are kept as real as possible. We replace high glycemic flours with a blend of low carb nut flours and a small amount of rice flour to give the cake a superior texture. The cakes are moist and dense and provide a generous portion of  fiber and protein

The Sweet Taste

The main sweetener is a zero calorie, zero glycemic, non-gmo Stevia/Erythriol blend. Small amounts of xylitol and prebiotic fibres are used in some products, but not enough to cause digestive upset. The sweetness level is on the low side with just enough sugar like taste to feel like an indulgence without any after taste.

The Baker

These products were developed by a reformed sugar addict. Really, there is no need to have sugar alternatives in your diet, but it makes life’s celebrations so much sweeter.

The Goal

To inspire you to renew your joy of celebrating and baking with products that allow for indulgence without the cravings, guilt and blood sugar swings. That you can reach your goal and have fun doing it.