Sour Cream Chocolate Cake
or Cupcakes

Who doesn't love a great chocolate cake. This is rich, moist and delicious. Add your own fresh ingredients and mix everything together, it's that easy. Finish with a  drizzle of melted chocolate and enjoy.

One mix can be used to make 2, 8" rounds for a layer cake. See instructions at bottom.

Cupcakes - makes 11 cupcakes. Divide batter using a standard scoop into 12 muffin liners (lightly sprayed or non-stick liners) Bake at 350 for 24 minutes. 
** optional - add 1 t orange flavor 



  • 1/2 package Biscuit Mix (for best results - weigh the mix then half it) should be apox. 152 grams. 
  •  1/4 c  melted butter
  • 1/2 c  sour cream 
  • 2 T  water
  • 3  fresh eggs slightly beaten
  • 1/4 c dark cocoa powder.
  • 1/3 cup sweetener of your choice (this will make a semi-sweet cake) 


  •   Preheat oven to 350 degrees. spray an 8" round cake pan with oil.
  •  Mix all the ingredients together. 
  •   Spread out into cake pan
  •   Bake for 28 - 30 minutes.
  •    Use the toothpick test.
  •   Cool completely.
  •   Drizzle with melted chocolate
  • ** To make a double chocolate cake for a layer cake: mix one cake as per directions, at a time.  Pour batter into pan and then mix the other half and pour batter into second pan.

    *** Baking time may increase with 2 cakes.